• Essentiell

    The use of 100% natural and organic plant essences indoors is an absolute must.

  • Brand loyalty

    It is important to create an emotional connection between your CI scent and your brand. Strengthening brand loyalty and cohesion thru scent.

  • Increase in sales

    Using CI scents in a targeted manner is a nice way to promote sales and encourage customers to buy.

  • Atmosphere and shopping experience

    Natural scents create a friendly atmosphere, which increases the length of stay and the willingness to buy.

  • Unique selling point

    Exclusivity and unique selling point through the use of 100% natural as food certified organic aromatic substances.

  • Promotion of well being

    Natural plant essences increase well-being, they reduce stress, improve mood and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

  • Air quality improvement

    Biological scents help to improve indoor air quality. Additionally, they neutralize unpleasant odors and create a fresh comfortable atmosphere.

  • Outer dimension
    Cube 30 x 30 x 30 cm

    Power supply
    24 V DC _ 2A

    As a visible stand alone unit, hidden installation in furniture or behind drywall, Connectable to the air conditioning system

    Steplessly adjustable and freely programmable, On request with remote maintenance and refill control

  • Standard painting

    Custom painting
    In all RAL color shades

    Scenting area

    Scent application
    Cold nebulization for pure biological essences

    Air purification
    Equipped with two micro dust filters for air purification

    Cartridges and filter change
    Once a month